Heavy machinery

Here you will find all kinds of machinery and aggregates for the construction industry. So we have generators, fuel oil tanks, rammers, ... Also accessories for truck cranes such as grippers, squeeze buckets, rotators, ...
Other Forklift
Heftruck Kalmar 5500 kg 7231
Other Other
Linde T16 Transpallet 7220
Still Forklift
R70-60 Hybrid Heftruck 7212
Kiepbak / kipbak Delaps 7206
Other Machines
Javac 7176
Other Machines
Intermetal Motor 7036
Other Machines
Intermetal Motor 7037
Kinshofer Generators
Knijpbak 6970
Deutz Machines
Honda 6950
Other Attachments
Knijpbak 6913
Other Generators
grijpbak 6419